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'They were flying their kite loop-the-loop in up high,
when something emerald flickered by...'

Join Jack and Emily as they explore a world of hidden animals, birds and mini-beasts in search of one very special creature...

Parrots Don't Live in the City! is a beautifully crafted hide-and-seek picture book, designed to encourage children to pause and notice nature all around them. 

It's perfect for young readers aged two to six years. Written in rhyming couplets, it encourages aural and oral development through rhyme and repetition, whilst the charming narrative promotes close observation and inquisitiveness. Our ‘Minibeast Nature Trail’ and ‘Parroty Fun’ page encourage families not only to read together, but to learn and play together too.

The book features hand-drawn illustrations, with washes of oil, watercolour, acrylic and pastel on mixed textured surfaces, and we’ve printed it on the highest quality FSC certified paper stock, to ensure that it looks and feels beautiful whilst doing our best for the environment.

And most importantly... children love it! We've read Parrots Don't Live in the City! to hundreds of little ones at schools, nurseries and playgroups, and they've given it a rapturous THUMBS UP! 

Our book has been a labour of love, so we hope that you enjoy reading it and owning it as much as we've enjoyed creating it!

Our book is available at Waterstones nationwide, selected independent bookshops and toy stores, and in our online shop here.

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Parrots Don’t Live in the City! has quickly become Samuel’s favourite bedtime story! He’s enthralled by it and loves to spot all the creatures hiding in the artwork.
— Jane, mum to Samuel aged 3
I love looking in the leaves at all of the different animals, especially the spider’s web and the lemur, and my favourite bit is when all of the parakeets fly out of the tree!
— Noah, aged 5
I loved the story and looking for the creepy crawlies - I found a jewel beetle in the leaves!
— Finty, aged 5
It’s so beautiful, and the words are such a pleasure to say. Our favourite part is the kee-ak kee-ee!
— Hester, mum to Innis aged 1
It is a really lovely story with gorgeous illustrations, I enjoyed it as much as the children!
— Cressida Booth, St Jude’s Primary School, Herne Hill

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