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We believe in firing imaginations - by pausing to notice the tiny things! A sense of wonder can be found all around us if we take the time to really look – at insects hiding amongst the leaves; a pattern of consonants weaving through a poem; the texture of the elements etched into a page design. Whether working with tiny tots, or older writer/illustrators, we will be able to design a memorable visit with you and are happy to develop the perfect format together. Here are some of our most popular events:

Book reading + mini-workshop: A lovely session lasting approximately 40 minutes. We open with a fun facts discovery session, all about parakeets or hedgehogs; followed by an interactive book reading; and a magical feather or leaf hunt. Perfect for 2-6 year olds in a school, nursery, hospital or festival setting.

Book reading + craft: A fun, feathery, glittery riot of colour and excitement, lasting approximately an hour. We begin with an interactive book reading, followed by a feather or leaf hunt. Little ones then incorporate their finds into a pretty craft activity – pet parakeet wrist puppets, leafy sun-catchers shaped like hedgehogs, carnival feather crowns to name but a few…Perfect for 2-6 year olds in a party or festival setting.

How to create your own children’s picture book: an engaging writing and illustrating workshop, looking in detail at how words work, poetically, phonetically and visually; how to structure a picture-book story; and how to bring words to life through different illustrative techniques. Perfect for 8 to 18 year olds (we can tailor the content to suit different ages and abilities).

How to create a children’s picture book: a workshop for adults or students choosing their career path, introducing our respective and joint journeys towards writing & illustrating a children’s book. Includes a myriad of practical lessons, and practical advice for launching successfully in a crowded commercial market.

Our prices for events are set at half day and full day rates. Get in touch above and we will see what’s possible!